Vent and Duct Cleaning

After vent cleaningBefore vent cleaningVent and duct cleaning is a primary service that we at Washington Marine Cleaning provide. We can reduce the risk of a fire hazard and increase airflow in ventilation systems. This service makes for a healthier environment for anyone breathing the air coming through the system.

Most people do not realize that air ducts are virtual breeding grounds for dust, dust mites, bacteria, fungi, mold spores, and thousands of other microorganisms. With dirty air ducts, these contaminants get blasted into the air you breathe every time your AC or evaporative cooling system turns on, leading to sinus problems, respiratory difficulties, and intense allergies.

Not having your vents or ducts cleaned can be dangerous as this can lead to increased fire hazard as well. Accumulated dust can pose a fire hazard, as all dust is flammable. Ignition of dust can happen in two ways: by a spark of energy or an extremely hot surface. Air within most facilities is heated through the burners and heat exchanger of the furnace. Burners heat the heat exchanger to an extremely high temperature. Above the furnace, within the plenum, dust accumulates over time and will occasionally drop onto the top of the heat exchanger. If the amount of debris is large enough, there is a strong potential for a fire within the furnace.

Washington Marine Cleaning has the knowledge, equipment, personnel, and experience to clean your facilities' vents and ducts correctly. We utilize two different methods:

Method 1: Compressed air cleaning system
Compressed air drives the cleaning nozzle head forward into the duct. By manipulating the cleaning hose, the operator can direct the cleaning head where he wants it to go, for instance into a branch duct. The same system works in a wide range of circular, square, and rectangular duct sizes.

Method 2: Ventilation brush cleaning system
This is an easy-to-manage ventilation duct cleaning method. The system also works in a wide range of circular, square, and rectangular duct sizes.

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